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Back in the swing of things

It’s been a really tough week, with sick kids, sick me and a lot of craziness at work. Today I had a chance to break my streak of half-assed pictures.

I have been really trying to learn how to get water drop isolation, so I read up on some techniques from some other the fellow contributors on –

Camera Settings –

On tripod, set for 2 sec. exposure, 100 ISO, f/8.0. Shot with Canon T2i / 50MM 1.8 mkII

Setup Information

Remote Flash bounced off the back wall; I use these dresser drawer inserts that were to an old IKEA dresser that went defunct, they are a pale blue but clip like a pure white with a direct flash, or with continuous light, they can produce a nice neutral blue…look at me.. re-purposing things :0

here is the outcome:

This came strait off the camera. Hope you have the time to mess around and find your own creativity!


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