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Couple of Snaps with the new 5d


Short Flagstaff Trip

Went to Flagstaff with some friends, had a great time getting out of the heat and the daily grind. Nothing quite like laying down in the middle of a greenbelt under a shady tree in 70 degrees!




After the Rain

Phoenix has been getting some great monsoons this year and Wednesday night produced one of the best rainstorms that I have had the pleasure of hearing and seeing since living in AZ. Flooded streets, parks and riverbeds that are still full of runoff make for some great scenery; the unfortunate byproduct is that it is now humid on top of being hot as an oven! Tonight, I was able to abscond away from the family and geek out in the riverbed at the end of our street. Some of the neighborhood boys were there already throwing rocks and doing what boys do…





and me trying my very best Ansel Adams…




While The Kids Were Asleep…

…from the car…kids in the back; gotta love that we still have to drive them around to nap



Boredom Strikes…

Friday night and a bottle of wine…incredibly bored so I did this little setup again and got a little tipsy in the process 🙂

Shooting in the Desert

Ok, on a day where it’s so hot that the adhesive on my camera is melting off, we decide to go shooting. My friend brought out his Mosin Nagant and destroy a few melons…got some videos that I will post later

One Shot

Setup, Frame, Shoot, Leave…Pretty happy with the result

Finished my DIY Slider

I picked up some materials from home depot and built this little camera slider. It works pretty well and gotta say i am proud of my half assed mechanical abilities 🙂

Video to come later…

Quick burner to Seattle and San Francisco

a quick work trip took to the pacific northwest and yes i got all touristy with my camera…I am really into post processing with a cinematic feel to the shot, tell me what you think!




Gotta Love Monsoons!

Sometimes we get spoiled looking at a painted sky…