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Finished my DIY Slider

I picked up some materials from home depot and built this little camera slider. It works pretty well and gotta say i am proud of my half assed mechanical abilities 🙂

Video to come later…

Quick burner to Seattle and San Francisco

a quick work trip took to the pacific northwest and yes i got all touristy with my camera…I am really into post processing with a cinematic feel to the shot, tell me what you think!




Gotta Love Monsoons!

Sometimes we get spoiled looking at a painted sky…

Filming for a friend

Andrew Scherf and I went out one Sunday morning and put together a quick vid showing off his new skates. Filmed from 8 AM til about Noon; stacked some good clips and he put together this little edit: Enjoy


Arizona Z Project

I have been helping out my friend Adam Burghout, documenting his build of a Nissan 300ZX race car. Follow along if you are into that kind of thing:


Lazy Sunday…

Title suggests it all, just messing around with the camera and the kids. Here are two of the D:

Night time random fun!

Long exposures in the middle of the night are pretty fun. Shooting in pitch black (or very very very low light) is interesting because you never know the results. I liked these, even though I need to recreate with a much much better car!