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Sunday Skate Day

Sunday Skate Day today, went out and traveled to the East Valley. Skated at Freestone Park, went to the Biltmore…Had a great time and didn’t kill my body any more than I needed too 🙂

This is Adam.

Adam is over 30 years old and still does stuff like this:


Flowers in my Front Yard…Yes I was bored

I took some pics with my fisheye and 30mm yesterday of the blooming mess that is my front yard…I need a good cheap landscaper

Shannon and Derek Ries! (Finally)

Our good friends Shannon and Derek got hitched last night. It was an awesome wedding and the first time in a long while that Amanda could cut loose. The weather was a bit worrisome through the day, but almost on queue, God shined through the clouds.

Congrats again to the Bride and Groom!

The Sunset they deserved

Easter with the Family

Had a great Easter celebration with the family yesterday. The kids played, hunted for Easter eggs and we all celebrated God with a lot of food 🙂

I am incredibly grateful for all that He has provided for me in my life. I am thankful for my wife and kids, I am thankful for my family.

2 Day Mid Life Crisis

Went to LA and San Diego for a quick work trip, and the lovely people at Hertz set my reservation up to a Nissan Sentra; let’s just say that I bartered a deal on an upgrade by telling the agent about the DDYWAGN…he showed pity on me and got me a Mustang…it’s a shame that the internet doesn’t have a scratch and sniff feature because you too could be reminded of a Dave Matthews concert with the overwhelming weed smell inside…



First Soccer Game with NYS

This past Saturday, Dom had his first soccer game with his new team – “The Happy Feet” – the team name could use some attention but the coach and the other kids have been great. He played really well and didn’t punch anybody this time!!! The league is so much better organized and the families are all extremely supportive and actually participate compared to our previous experience with a different league. If you have kids that are coming up on sports age, I highly recommend you check out NYS.

Coach's Pep Talk

Dominic’s Birthday

Our big boy turned 4! We celebrated with cake, cupcakes and Dom’s favorite chinese chicken from Panda Express! March is not a good month for my thighs 😉


Birthdays at Disneyland!

We planned a great birthday party for the kids complete with bouncy houses and pizza, but through the miracle of science, a bunch of the invitees were sick or just couldn’t make it…Leave it to my wonderful wife to surprise the kids with a last minute trip to Disneyland! We spent all day Saturday at the park riding a bunch of rides and the kids getting wished “Happy Birthday” by everyone in the cast and crew! Great time had by all!

Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

Work had me travel back to Denver…Even though I was born there, I haven’t been back since I moved away. Of course, I brought my camera and even carved out some time to go see my old house(s) and school. I gotta say, that as pretty as Colorado is, it’s damn cold and I prefer Arizona!

Pikes Peak



After Arizona Rain Hiking

So in typical Arizona fashion, it went from 82 degrees this past Thursday to now 45 degrees, raining, hailing and just gross today. I had a whole little morning planned, but nope, rained out. So I decided to go for a hike and see what I could see…